Game Day Parking for Faculty & Staff

Most parking areas on the campus require a Yosef Club permit for access on game day. All unauthorized vehicles (including those belonging to faculty, staff, and students, as well as state-owned vehicles) must be removed from these restricted areas prior to 8:00 a.m.  Please pay careful attention to the information below in order to avoid expensive parking citations and towing fees.

Restricted Faculty/Staff Parking Areas On Game Day

All vehicles without proper game day permit will be removed by towing beginning at 8:00 a.m.

  1. All lots accessed via Stadium Drive. These include the large Stadium Deck, lower Stadium Lot, Champions Lot, Top of the Rock, Softball Lot, Justice Lot, Bowie/Eggers Lot, Garwood Lot, Quinn Lot, and East Stadium Gate Lot.
  2. Beasley Broadcasting Complex
  3. Broyhill Music Lot
  4. Doughton Lot
  5. Duncan/Rankin Lot
  6. Greenwood Lot
  7. Hill Street Lot 
  8. Holmes Center Gated Lot
  9. John Thomas Lot
  10. Legends Lot 
  11. Library Deck
  12. Peacock Lot 
  13. Rivers Street Deck (unless displaying a Rivers Deck permit)
  14. Schaefer Center Lot
  15. Student Recreation Center Lot
  16. University Drive (entire length from Founders Hall to Roess Dining Hall, plus spaces along Center Street)

Parking Areas for Faculty/Staff Who Are Working

You must display a valid faculty/staff parking permit.

  1. Administration Lot
  2. East Howard Lot (behind Plemmons Student Union)
  3. Founders Hall Lot
  4. Harper Hall/Kerr Scott Lot
  5. Holmes Center (ungated area near Hardees ONLY)
  6. King Street Lots (between College of Education and Earth Fare)
  7. Octagon (underneath, accessed from Duncan Lot)
  8. Turchin Center Lot
  9. Valborg Lot


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