Contractors & Vendors

Contractors and vendors may obtain short-term or long-term parking permits for vehicles. Reserved parking areas are also available for construction staging.

Contractor & Vendor Permits

If you are a contractor or a vendor on campus there are a few options for you to choose from.

  • Park in the Rivers Street parking deck and pay the daily fee.
  • Purchase a contractor/vendor parking permit for the cost of $336.00 for the entire school year.
  • Purchase a monthly permit. This is the same price as the full year permit ($28 per month) but allows you to only purchase permits during the months you need parking.
    Permits are available at any time during regular business hours from our office located on the second floor of University Hall. New yearly contractor/vendor permits will be available yearly in August.

Reserved Parking Areas for Construction Staging

The purpose of a staging area is to provide an adequate area for laying down materials, waste containers, and construction equipment. Staging areas are not intended for private vehicle parking unless agreed upon in advance. Staging areas designated for materials must be fenced off and secured at all times.

Staging areas will be determined during the project design process after careful consideration is given to the impact on relevant parking lots. The final determination on staging areas will come from a collaborative process involving Parking & Transportation and the Office of Design & Construction.

The contractor is responsible for maintaining and fully restoring any damage to parking areas, including cleaning, removing debris, and restriping parking stalls deteriorated by the project. Waste containers must have plywood beneath them to protect the asphalt.

Contractors must schedule a walk-through inspection with Parking & Transportation and the Office of Design & Construction upon completion of the project.

Payment and Billing

Cost Per Space for Construction Staging Areas:Monthly: $10.00

Reserved areas can be invoiced and paid for upfront at the beginning of a project, or on a monthly basis throughout the project.

Parking & Transportation will continue to invoice for parking through the requested reservation end date unless written or electronic notification that the spaces are no longer needed is received.