General Information

Student Parking Options

Below is a list of which level students are eligible to purchase which permits. Please be aware, that these lots sell out quickly, so it is possible that they could be sold out before your student level of permit sales open. Also be aware that each permit is only valid in certain areas of campus as listed below.  Your license plate will be registered and will be your "permit".   Unsure of where a lot is located? View parking maps here!

See permit types and locations for descriptions. Permit fees are charged to university student accounts. All permits sold during online registration for the academic year will be valid until mid-August of the academic year end.

PermitPermit FeeEligible StudentsPrimary LotSecondary Lot
Hill Street$276SO, JR, SR, GR, NDHill Street LotN/A
Greenwood / South Lot$276SO, JR, SR, GR, NDGreenwood Lot, South LotN/A
Mountaineer Hall$276selected by Housing **not available online**Mountaineer Hall LotBodenheimer Auxillary Lots, Greenwood Lot, South Lot
Appalachian Heights$276Residents of Appalachian Heights onlyAppalachian Heights LotGreenwood Lot, South Lot
Appalachian Panhelenic Hall (APH)$276Residents of APH onlyAPH LotState Farm
State Farm$276SO, JR, SR, GR, NDState Farm LotN/A
Appalachian 105 $276FR, SO, JR, SR, GR, NDAppalachian 105 LotN/A 
Graduate Assistant$276 Any Student Surface Lot (listed above), and Justice/Coltrane, Top of the Rock, Softball Lot, Bowie/EggersN/A 
Stadium Parking Deck$576SO, JR, SR, GR, NDStadium DeckN/A 
Rivers Street Parking Deck$576SO, JR, SR, GR, NDRivers Street DeckN/A 
Evening Permit$144SO, JR, SR, GR, NDAny student surface lot after 1:30 p.m. 
Graduate Assistant (GA) Permit$276GAs only **not available online**Any student surface lot 

 FR - Freshmen | SO - Sophomore | JR - Junior | SR - Senior | GR - Graduate Student | ND - Non-degree seeking | GA - Graduate Assistant

Nearby Lots Unaffiliated with Appalachian State University

Note:  This list is provided as a courtesy.  None of the businesses on this list have any affiliation with Appalachian State University, and an AppState parking pass is not valid for these lots.