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Parking Registration Information for Faculty and Staff

  • Registration for 2017-2018 faculty/staff parking permits begins on Monday, July 31, at 9:00 a.m.
  • FULL-TIME PERMANENT faculty/staff members should register online via Self Service.
  • PART-TIME/TEMPORARY faculty/staff members should register in person at the Parking and Traffic Department, located in the Rivers Street Parking Deck. Bring your vehicle registration card in case you forget your license plate number.
  • Please complete the form carefully and accurately. Submitting false information is a violation of university policy.
  • Faculty/staff members with a 2016-2017 permit must display their new permit no later than Monday, August 29.
  • Faculty/staff members without a 2016-2017 permit must display their new permit by the first day of classes, which is Tuesday, August 22.  
  • The following permit categories are available:
    1. Parking Deck Permit- Allows parking in the assigned deck (either Rivers or Library). Annual fee is $396.00.
    2. General Permit- Allows parking in all surface lots on campus. Annual fee is $ 240.00.
    3. Adjunct Faculty/Part-Time Staff Permit- Adjunct faculty members (teaching 6 hours or less) and part-time staff members (working 20 hours or less per week) are eligible for a reduced rate on semester parking permits. This permit will allow parking in all surface lots on campus. To apply for this type of permit, you must present documentation to the Parking Office from the appropriate department that verifies your employment status as being part-time. The fee is $120 for the whole year or $50 per semester.
  • Payment of fees is available via monthly payroll deduction for faculty/staff members. Call the Parking and Traffic Department at 828-262-2878 for more information.

 ***NOTICE:  Sustain Appalachian along with Parking Services are excited to partner with Sterling Planet to purchase carbon offsets for university students, faculty, and staff. When you register for a parking permit, you will have the option of electing to donate a small amount of money in order to participate in the Carbon Neutral Commuter program. This will help move Appalachian toward its goal of carbon neutrality by the year 2050.