Towing and Immobilization

Towing and Immobilization Policy

Appalachian State University reserves the right to tow vehicles from campus property for any of the following reasons:

  • Any vehicle illegally stopped or parked in such a manner as to be blocking the normal movement of a properly parked car.
  • Any vehicle obstructing the flow of traffic or that is a safety hazard endangering life and property.
  • Any vehicle parked in an area reserved for a special event as designated by signs or traffic enforcement personnel.
  • Any vehicle that meets the criteria for dormant storage.
  • Any vehicle whose operation and parking privileges have been suspended.
  • Any vehicle parked on sidewalks or walkways.
  • Any vehicle parked within an intersection or crosswalk or in front of a public driveway.
  • Any vehicle parked on the grass or landscaped areas.
  • Any vehicle parked in the approaches or other portions of a parking area, which are not clearly marked for parking.
  • Any vehicle blocking fire hydrants, trash receptacles, fire lanes and service entrances.
  • Any unauthorized vehicle parked in “Reserved” and “Disability” parking spaces.
  • Any vehicle that has had an immobilization device placed on it and remains unclaimed as of 11:00 p.m. on the date of the immobilization.
  • Any vehicle parked in the bicycle lanes on Rivers Street from the intersection of Depot Street and Rivers Street, running along Rivers Street to the intersection of Rivers Street and US 321.
  • Any vehicle parked in reserved spaces, areas, or lots without authorization.
  • Any vehicle parked in violation of the posted restrictions for that area.
  • Any vehicle parked in bus stop zones.

All towing is done by a private company, Hamptons Body Shop Inc. (828) 264-3924, at the request of the Parking and Traffic Department. All fees associated with the towing and storage of a vehicle is the responsibility of the vehicle owner or operator. In the event that the operator of the vehicle to be towed arrives at the tow scene prior or subsequent to the tow truck, but prior to actual towing, such operator may be required to pay a service fee to the tow truck driver. Full towing policy can be found in the Rules and Regulations(hyperlink).

When feasible, the University Parking and Traffic Department may immobilize vehicles in lieu of towing. The vehicle operator will be required to report to the University Parking and Traffic Department to obtain the release of the vehicle. Failure to report to the University Parking and Traffic Department prior to 11:00 p.m. on the date of immobilization may result in the vehicle being towed off campus at the owner’s expense. NOTE: The penalty for unauthorized removal of the immobilization device (boot) shall be equal to the cost of repair or replacement of the device.